a|way1 [ ə`weı ] adverb ***
1. ) in a different direction
a ) moving so that you go farther from a person, place, or thing:
When Sykes saw the police, he ran away.
away from: People had been driven away from their homes by the invading army.
b ) used for talking about the direction of a road, path, etc.:
away from: A path led away from the back of the house.
c ) turning or looking toward a different direction:
Bruce was staring at her. She looked away, feeling suddenly shy and embarrassed.
away from: He turned away from the window and walked over to the table.
2. ) not in your usual place not at home, or not at the place where you work or study:
My brother looks after the farm while I'm away.
away from: I'm writing to ask Amy's parents why she's been away from school.
away on vacation/business: Graham's away on vacation this week.
go away (=leave your home for more than a day): I haven't seen our neighbors around they must have gone away somewhere.
3. ) not near something
a ) not near something or someone, especially because of danger:
keep/stay away: Police have warned people to stay away from the area.
away from: Keep away from the stove it's very hot.
b ) far from people, places, or things, especially so that you feel separated from them:
away from: It's nice to have a weekend away from the city.
She's been away from her family for too long.
4. ) used for showing distance or time
a ) used for saying how far it is to a place:
5 miles/100 yards etc. away: The nearest hospital is about eight miles away.
away from: Robert's brother was standing only a few feet away from me.
b ) used for saying how much time will pass before a date or event in the future:
2 weeks/3 months etc. away: Final exams are less than three weeks away.
5. ) gradually disappearing used for saying that something gradually disappears:
The sound of their voices faded away into the distance.
Martha's anger suddenly melted away.
6. ) used for showing continuous activity usually progressive used for showing that someone does something continuously or for a long time:
Molly was at her desk working away as usual.
The children were all chattering away happily.
7. ) in order to remove something used for showing that something is removed:
The company should really pay to have all this garbage taken away.
She wiped away her tears and tried to smile.
8. ) changing from something used for showing that there is a change in people's opinions or ways of doing things:
a move/shift away from: There has been a shift away from the old manufacturing industries toward high technology.
move/shift away from: We're moving away from the idea that what's modern is necessarily good.
9. ) in a safe or usual place in a safe place, or in the place where something is usually kept:
store/hide something away: He's got lot of gold coins hidden away somewhere.
put/clear something away: Put your toys away before you go to bed.
10. ) used for showing where a game is played if a sports team plays away, they go to their opponents' ground to play a game. If they play in their own ground, they play at home.
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a|way 2 [ ə`weı ] adjective only before noun
an away game is one in which a team goes to their opponents' place to play. A home game is one in which a team plays in its own place.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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